Fabric laser cutting machine


Fabric laser cutting machine

How Is Laser Cutting Machine Applied In Plush Toy Industry?

Sep 14, 2023

Who wouldn’t like a soft stuffed toy?

When we were young, we all had a “good friend” and at night, we would sleep with it and share interesting things with it. Cute stuffed toys warmed our childhood and made us feel good every day.

They are soft, cute, warm, and also good for keeping warm in the cold season.

Plush toys are also called plush dolls, textile materials as the main fabric, plus the internal padding made of toys.

As a toy that directly touches the skin, its processing quality requirements are relatively high.


Fabric Laser Cutting Machine


Laser Cut Plain Fabric Toy

Plush toys body as well as many of the limbs are plain fabric, you can choose Vanklaser 1810 4 heads cutting machine or 3015 2 heads laser cutting machine for cutting, very good to improve efficiency and reduce costs.


Cutting Difficulties in Plush Toy Industry

How are all the plush toys made?

 Here we have to talk about [toy cutting pieces]

 A plush toy is composed of several toy cut pieces, then in production, the cut pieces are very much, manual error, time-consuming and labor-intensive.

 Vanklaser for the above plush toy industry common problems think of a solution!


Cutting Samples


Fabric Laser Cutting Machine


✮ Recommended Model One: Vanklaser-1810 1812 Automatic Feeding Textile Fabric Laser Cutting Machine


Fabric Laser Cutting Machine




VankCut-1812 CCD
Laser Power
Laser Type
Sealed Glass CO2 Laser Tube,10-6um
Working Area
Cooling Type
Water Cooling
Cutting speed
Laser Output Control
0-100% set by software
Working table
Vacuum conveyor working table
Controlling Software
Ruida Control System
Graphic Format Supported
Compatible Software
Working Environment
Temperature:0-45C,Humidity 5-95%(No Condensate Water)


✮ Recommended Model One: Vanklaser-3015 1530 Large Format Automatic Feeding Textile Fabric Laser Cutting Machine


Fabric Laser Cutting Machine




Model VankCut-3015
Laser Power 80W/100W/120W/150W
Laser Type Sealed Glass CO2 Laser Tube,10-6um
Working Mode Automatic
Cutting Precision 0-36000mm/min
Marking Depth ≤0.3mm
Marking Speed 0-64000mm/min
Focal Length 38.1,50.8,63.5,76.2,101.6mm
Cooling Mode Water Cooling and Protection System
Location Precision 0.015mm
Controlling Software Ruida Control System
Operating temperature 10ºC-40ºC
Warranty 2 Year
Beam Quality <1.2M2
Laser Pulse Frequency 20-200Khz
Humidity 5% to 85% (No Condensed )
Gross Power <1250W
Min.Line Width 0.15-0.3mm
Power source AC110V/220V± 10%, 50/60HZ
Processing Area 1600*1000mm(Optional)
Working Environment Clean, Free of Dust           



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