Jpt laser sourse


Jpt laser sourse

JPT fiber laser adopts pulse master-oscillator power amplifier fiber laser system (Master-Oscillator Power Amplifier Fiber Laser System, MOPA), which has the advantages of fast response, good beam quality and high reliability. It is widely used in industrial processing, 3C industry and precision welding. widely used in fields.

  • JPT 20W-50W Fiber Laser source
    JPT LP series is a fiber laser using direct electrical modulation semiconductor laser as source (MOPA), which has high-quality laser characteristics and good pulse control waveform capability. Compared with Q-switched fiber lasers, LP  series lasers have greater flexibility, can achieve a wider range of frequency  adjustment, higher control accuracy, and better first pulse performance (Support door to door service)
  • JPT 60W-100W Fiber Laser source
    JPT M7 series high power pulsed fiber lasers make use of master oscillator power amplifier (MOPA) configuration, and show excellent laser performance as well as high level of temporal pulse shaping controllability. As compared to theQ-switching technology, the pulse repetition frequency (PRF) and pulse width can be controlled  independently in MOPA configuration, through adjusting different combination of the above parameters, the peak power of laser can be well maintained. And enable JPT  laser suitable for more material processing which Q-switch limited. The higher  output power makes its advantages especially in high speed marking applications (Support door to door service)
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