Fiber laser cutting machine


Fiber laser cutting machine

VankLaser | What are the functions of a laser cutting machine?

Aug 09, 2023

Laser cutting machine is a very popular cutting equipment in the market. Due to its high precision, high efficiency and fast cutting speed, it is widely used in machining, shipbuilding, metal molds, sheet metal processing, fitness equipment and other industries. What are the functions of the laser cutting machine? 



Advantages of laser cutting machine

First of all, using a laser cutting machine can shorten the processing time and improve the processing efficiency. Because in production, if you want to complete the processing of a part within one minute, it takes a lot of time and energy. The laser cutting machine can directly process the material of the workpiece into the required shape by cutting the workpiece, reducing the processing time.


Secondly, using a laser cutting machine can also improve work efficiency. Most of the laser cutting machines on the market are used in the metal material cutting industry, and in the metal processing process, it is necessary to cut metal raw materials to complete. If you want to complete all the cutting processes quickly, you can choose a laser cutting machine to save labor to the greatest extent, shorten the production cycle of the workpiece, and improve work efficiency.


Third, high-quality processing can be achieved with a laser cutting machine. When cutting, the laser beam will be focused into a small light spot, so that the focal point reaches a high power density, and the material is quickly heated to the degree of gasification, and evaporates to form holes. As the beam moves linearly relative to the material, the holes are continuously formed into narrow slits. The workpieces cut by laser have high precision, fast speed, good quality, and the cutting surface is smooth and burr-free.


Finally, the use of laser cutting machines can also reduce costs. Metal raw materials are expensive, and traditional metal cutting processes require a lot of labor and material costs. It will also produce more metal scrap and increase the loss. Using a laser cutting machine to produce can reduce material costs and save labor.


The above is the introduction about the function of laser cutting machine. With the continuous development of society, industrial production has become more and more automated, intelligent and automated. In order to improve the cutting quality and efficiency of workpieces, many manufacturers choose to use laser cutting machines for production.


 laser cutting machines


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